ET NOW becones #1 English Stock Market Channel in India

Mumbai: ET NOW, the 24-hr English business news channel has once again proven top notch competency by capturing the #1 position this week. In less than 2 years of its inception, ET NOW with a formidable team of anchors & analysts, breaking news, expert reviews on investment strategies, stock tips, and interviews with national & global market leaders, has achieved top position among English Business News viewers and is the #1 English Stock Market Channel in All India 1Mn+, 6 Metros & 8 Metros Markets .

As per the latest Television Audience Measurement data, ET NOW is the #1 English Business News Channel with 42% market share in All India 1Mn+ Market amongst the core audience from CS AB Males 25+ Yrs and also leads in the 6Metro & 8 Metro Market with a market share of 47% & 44% Market Share respectively amongst the core audience from CS AB Males 25+ Yrs in Week 20 (8th May, 2011 to 14th May, 2011).

And in the commercial capital of the country (Mumbai), ET NOW leads with 69% market share in the current week which is twice that of the market share of rest of all English Business News Channels put together. Also during the prime time of the English Business Channels (8am to 10am), ET NOW is the market leader with 54% market share; which is a testimony to the channel’s claim that ‘India starts its trading day with ET NOW’.

ET NOW also features exclusive interviews with the movers & shakers of stock markets who share their outlook on the markets, policy makers who explain the implications of the various socio-economic reforms enforced and Global leaders who elucidate the impact of the latest developments across the world on the Indian Markets, which helps viewer, take the right trading/investment decisions.

All this has contributed in ET NOW’s consistent increase in viewership over the past few weeks & helped the channel amplify its market share amongst the English Business News Channel Genre.

So stay tuned to ET NOW for more stock tips, trading strategies, sectorial calls, stock market trends and exclusive interviews.

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