ET NOW adds 1.6 crore more viewers to its tally

Mumbai : ET NOW, 24-hr English business news with its cutting-edge market analyses, insider perspectives & skilled advice from Market Leaders has redefined the way business news is presented. With its formidable team of anchors & analysts the channel has been consistently building loyalty amongst its viewers.
As per the latest Television Audience Measurement data, total viewership of ET NOW has increased by 40% from 4.9 Mn in week 52 of 2009 to 6.9 Mn in week 52 of 2010 from (CS 4+ All India) .

According to Television Audience Measurement data, ET NOW is the only Channel to show increase in absolute viewership- with whooping 140% increase in monthly GRPs amongst core audience from (CS AB Males 25+ Yrs, All India 1Mn+, Apr-Dec’09 vs Apr-Dec’10).

With the increase of 76% in absolute Reach from (CS 15+ Yrs, All India 1Mn+, CY 2009 vs CY 2010), ET NOW has added an impressive 1.6 crore more viewers, as per the latest Television Audience Measurement data.

ET NOW simplifies markets for you, by featuring exclusive interviews with analysts, who share their outlook on the markets, policy makers who explain the implications of the various socio-economic reforms enforced and Global leaders who elucidate the impact of the latest developments across the world on the Indian Economy market, which helps viewer, gain more information.

ET NOW’s content completely focuses more and more on viewer contentment. Thereby viewers are increasingly spending more time watching ET NOW. All this and more has helped ET NOW, consistently increase its viewership and amplify its loyalty amongst its audience over the past few weeks, months and even years.

So stay tuned to ET NOW for more stock tips, trading strategies, sectorial calls, stock market trends and exclusive interviews.

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