Esha Broadcast to Monitor TV Networks

Esha Broadcast Monitoring Private Limited on Wednesday announced the launch of their new service – monthly Television Monitoring Intelligence Report. Esha Broadcast has launched this service with the Television Monitoring Intelligence Report on Om Shanti Om vs. Saawariya for the period between 9th October, 2007 to 9th November, 2007 after 24×7 tracking and monitoring of the television coverage on 100+ channels.

Television Monitoring Intelligence Report highlights the brand visibility on the numerous television networks. The parameters used for monitoring are prime time vs. non prime time, coverage on 100+ television channels and date wise reporting of coverage over a specified period of time. The outline of the report includes flexible number of keywords and easy-to-understand graphs to get a better overview of the brand visibility on television.

“We are proud to offer this Television Monitoring Intelligence Report to our esteemed clients that will reflect on the reputation and positioning of the brand; the product; the spokesperson; the company individually and vis-à-vis the competition on the television medium which in turn will assist the client in the long term business planning and growth.” R.S. Iyer, Chief Executive Officer, Esha Broadcast Monitoring Private Ltd. said.

R. S. Iyer further added that this Om Shanti Om vs. Saawariya Television Monitoring Intelligence Report covers the comparative analysis of the television news coverage of both the films on various parameters such as its star casts, directors, production houses etc. This innovate report gives a great hindsight to the visibility of both the films on television in that period.

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