Entertainment Category Ranks Top Among Adspace Advertisers

From the big screen to the small screen to the Adspace Networks’ Smart Screens, many entertainment companies including Sony Pictures, MTV and New Line Cinema are turning to Adspace to reach key demographics in the mall environment.

Operating the largest in-mall digital billboard network in the country with 1,400 screens in 105 Class-A shopping malls, Adspace has attracted nearly 70 entertainment category advertisers since 2005.

In a recent intercept study testing the effectiveness of Picture House Film’s campaign for the movie “Kit Kittredge: An American Girl,” results showed 76 percent of the target that looked at the Smart Screens recalled the ad when prompted and 31 percent recalled the ad open-ended. Further, 72 percent said the ad made them more likely to go see the film.

“The Adspace Digital Mall Network proved to be a perfect out-of-home media fit for Picture House Films,” said Amy Kaufer, executive director, national accounts, Adspace Networks. “The target demographic of females six to 12 is very hard to reach and the mall environment was a perfect way to promote their theatrical release to not only that demographic, but to their parents as well.”

According to Nielsen Monitor-Plus, the motion picture industry was one of the top-spending product categories in the first quarter of 2008 with an estimated $957.3 million in advertising.

“The entertainment industry, especially the motion picture sector, has really embraced our medium,” said Dominick Porco, chairman and CEO, Adspace Networks. “Our ability to reach the key demographics of teens and young adults with large plasma screens that have full motion video and sound makes the Adspace Digital Mall Network an attractive buy to entertainment advertisers.”

Teens and young adults that visit shopping centers are 60 percent more likely to go to a movie within the first two weeks of opening versus the total population, according to Scarborough. Because so many teens and young adults are in the mall environment, the Adspace Digital Mall Network is an extremely efficient way to reach this important target.

Another reason the network is such an attractive medium is the creative capability the screens offer. Sony Pictures, when promoting their recent theatrical release for “Step Brothers,” specifically created an ad to fit the Smart Screens in an effort to get the most effectiveness out of their campaign. Research showed that the “Step Brothers” ad had the highest impact on the target demographic, where 54 percent of those that viewed the Smart Screens recalled the ad without being prompted.

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