Election coverage garners 37% market share for Times Now

New Delhi: With the culmination of the recently held 5 State Assembly Elections, TIMES NOW triumphed as the undisputed leader with Mandate 2012 – a contemporary analysis and in-depth coverage of the 5 state elections. As the results were guessed, debated and contemplated throughout the nation, viewers chose TIMES NOW’s comprehensive analysis along with its unmatched panel of experts.

According to the recent Television Audience Measurement (TAM) data, TIMES NOW garnered channel share of 37% whereas CNN IBN & NDTV 24×7 garnered 24% and 22% respectively. TIMES NOW further garnered a whopping 47% of channel share during prime time (1900 – 2300) on Election Counting Day. (Source: TAM |Market: 6 Metros| TG: CS M 25+ AB| Period: 6th Mar ‘12| Day part: 24 hours)

For the crucial developments that captured the attention of the entire nation, TIMES NOW created election specific programming with special shows like Political Juice, Game Changers, Punch Counter Punch, Poll Track and Newshour – Special Edition. The advanced mathematical tools that dug into the numbers brought out the characteristics of the election analysis for today’s generation.

Commenting on Mandate 2012 which he presented along with TIMES NOW’s Political Editor Navika Kumar, Arnab Goswami, Editor-in-chief TIMES NOW said, “The viewer has made his choice. The Eighties format of broadcasting elections is now a thing of the past. Elections have been de-jargonized and made more understandable. Millions of Indians related much better to the TIMES NOW style of election coverage.”

The unparalleled election analysis comprised top political analysts like – Vinod Mehta, Lord Meghnad Desai, Sankarshan Thakur, R. Rajagopalan, Ashok Malik, Kumar Ketkar, Manisha Priyam Sahay, Arati Jerath, Hartosh Singh Bal, S.P. Singh, Wasbir Hussain, Neelabh Mishra, Shesh Narain Singh, Neerja Chowdhury and Jai Mrug.

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