EIN News Announces Free News Alerts for Online Newsrooms

EIN News,Europe’s leading online news distributor, has introduced a new free service for online newsrooms — headline story news alerts. According to Jakub Leps, editorial director at EIN News, the service is designed to assist both large news organizations that are down-sizing and smaller news outlets on tight budgets. “Our editors track 50 core topic areas and we make those story selections available to all news organizations. This will help them fill gaps they may have in their own coverage,” Leps said.

David Rothstein, chief executive officer of EIN News, expects many news organizations to sign up for the free alerts. “We’re a recognized leader in digital news aggregation and distribution and have a large following among journalists who for many years have turned to us for story selection. Our new alert services will streamline news delivery for our users.”

EIN News was established in Central Europe in 1995, and through the years has built more than 200,000 individual topic news feeds, and hosts 50 news sites on individual topic areas. The company has launched the well-known “Russia Today” brand and opened internet news access to China with “Inside China Today.” Offering a unique combination of human editing and proprietary scanning software, EIN News won Europe’s coveted Momentum Award as the most innovative internet company on the continent.

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