Edison Chen to appear on CNN’s Talk Asia

In an exclusive and wide-ranging interview with Anjali Rao, host of CNN’s ‘Talk Asia’, Edison Chen reveals new details on the scandal that rocked Asia and reverberated around the world.

On why he chose to speak to CNN: “Now legally I’m allowed to speak about it because the trial’s finally over and honestly there’s been a lot of talk through the past year and a half about this or that, and a lot of rumors, a lot of hearsay. I have a lot to say and I think I’m only gonna say it once so I think that it would be best to say it here with you.

On being in hiding: “I was afraid to go anywhere. I was traveling around when I was still in Hong Kong in trunks of taxis, literally, just to get to places. I had to be in the trunk for 15 minutes. I didn’t even know if I had enough oxygen to be honest with you”

“Even when I had left Asia and I had went to Canada and America, it took me 3 months to really get out of the shell that I had put myself in. I mean, I was in darkness for 5 days. I had my drapes closed and I didn’t even want to go anywhere”

On Cecilia Cheung’s accusation and his public apology to her: “I don’t really want to have a back and forth with her, which is why I didn’t really comment on what she had said before…I wasn’t allowed to talk to her in the initial because of the police request and they were investigating me, which already had troubled me a lot…I really do feel sorry. I really am sorry to her.”

On how many pictures were taken and consent: Edison admits that there were more than 1300 pictures taken and all of them were taken with the women’s consent: “Everything was mutual. It was all consensual… if I have a camera in front of your face and there’s a flash, do you know that I’m taking a photo of you? That’s as simple as it is.”

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  • Talking about scandals new president of El Salvador Mauricio Funes should inquire about CNN abuses…and particularly the mistreatment of Salvadoran journalist Mario Vela.

    CNN is unfair not only to people in the streets, but also inside its own

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