Edimax Networking Launches ‘Networking Home Solution’

EDIMAX has launched the integrative concept of the ‘Networking Home Solution’ with the objective that all future digital household products will be connected, managed and shared through one simple interface.

EDIMAX has achieved the ‘Networking Home Solution’! Here we explain the new age of digital household networking. The idea comes from the concept, demand and application of Networking Home. It’s simple! It allows you to enjoy the convenience of the internet in every corner of your home, whether it’s the computer, TV, projector, even your radio.

Networking Home Solution’ is not only to access Internet with one device but also allows your multiple digital products to communicate with one another. EZview is a new enhanced management system which allows you to manage your router locally or remotely from the internet. You will be able to directly manage device information like IP address, bandwidth control, open ports and DMZ.

Your home network come alive and secret lies in the EZview Management Wizard’s IP free technology, which can automatically, quickly and easily detect all connected digital products in your home including computers, webcams and popular video game systems! The Key point is you do not have to remember any device’s IP address.

Ravians Kumar, Director Sales-India, OBM Sales Division, EDIMAX, said, “Simplicity is always the best! In EDIMAX ‘Networking Home solution’ we provide users with the best way to enter the realm of digital home. You do not need to pay for expensive intelligent home appliances or understand technical jargons. With EDIMAX, your household network is immediately online!”

“With all this products, EDIMAX has already leveraged its strength and effectiveness in communication and networking related products in many countries so it is now trying to have firm hold on Indian markets too. Our target is to meet customers demand in a best possible way. So we expect a good cooperation and a long lasting relationship with each level of partners” added Ravians Kumar.

Edimax was founded in Taiwan in 1986 and the company has grown to be among Asia’s leading manufacturers of advanced network communication products. Headquartered in Taipei County, Taiwan, Edimax is listed at the Taiwanese Stock Exchange since 2001. Edimax serves over 70 countries via its branch offices and distributors. Edimax’s successful growth lies in its established and continuously expanding partner channel network and manufacturing of technology innovation.

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