E-AdPak Announces the launch of Electronic Advertising Package

Since the beginning of time, business owners have been spending a small fortune on print advertising such as Yellow Pages, Penny Saver, ValPak and countless others. Bill Gates has predicted Yellow Page users will drop to near zero over the next 5 years. The reality is Print Advertising is dying a fast death.

The staff at E-AdPak says, “Print advertising is already dead. With the rising cost for printing, mailing, and graphic designs it cost business owners a small fortune and the profits are not there anymore.”

E-AdPak has new technology that uses massive leverage for small business owners. It’s called an electronic advertising package. “Consumers are eating this up,” claims Ross Schneider, a spokesperson for E-AdPak. Business owners actually speak with their customers 24/7, with personalized greetings and updates on sales and specials. Consumers actually look forward to hearing from their favorite businesses. In this type of economy, business owners that think outside the box have a huge advantage by using E-AdPak.

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