Durex targets youth, launches innovative little game

Chennai: Leave it up to Durex to create something exciting on World Population Day. Durex is increasing awareness among youngsters through a clever little game called “Put a cap on it”.

This innovative little game developed by Interactive Avenues for Durex tracks the population of India in real time which can be seen on a population counter. The counter increases by 1 every 1.5 seconds because that’s the rate at which India’s population is growing.

The game’s interface features a whole swarm of animated sperm and the user has to click on each of them to “put a cap on it”. The faster the player clicks the population counter reflects the progress by reducing the number on the population counter. The player will start off as a “virgin” and the more caps he puts the higher his level progression is, the final level being “Savior of Mankind”. The game can be shared on Facebook with friends through the Facebook Connect option and messages can also be left on the Facebook Fan Page.

Vishal Vyas, Senior Product Manager, TTK LIG said “Durex being the world’s no. 1 condom brand is committed to increasing awareness about condom usage and has initiated various drives the world over. “Put a cap on it” is also one such initiative that aims to convey the message of population control in an interesting and refreshing way.”

Anish Varghese, Creative Director, Interactive Avenues, said “The whole idea behind this campaign is to create awareness and buzz about World Population Day. We have created a simple addictive game that allows users to have a little fun and spread the message.”

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