Draftfcb Ulka Wins Rs.100 crores new Accounts

The last three months have been good to Draftfcb Ulka on the new business front. The Delhi office has garnered an impressive array of wins from diverse categories like motorcycles, social networking, fans and electrical appliances, education and beer.

Hunk, the 150cc macho bike from Hero Honda was launched last month and has tasted success already. Ibibo.com, one of the fastest growing social networking sites out of India is in the throes of a national launch, Usha fans is back with Draftfcb Ulka after a gap of a few years. Career Launcher, a brand well entrenched in the preparatory study market and having ambitious plans going forward has signed on Draftfcb Ulka to partner them in making it the dominant brand and lastly, Inbev, the largest beer manufacturer in the world enters India choosing Draftfcb Ulka as the strategic communications partner.

“These are exciting times for us,” said Sanjeev Bhargava, COO of Draftfcb Ulka, Delhi, “and the wins amounting to over Rs.100 crores give us a very strong start for 2008. Each of the categories faces a unique marketing challenge and we believe Draftfcb Ulka is well armed to overcome them successfully” .

“These wins come on the back of a consistent track record of building brands and sound strategic thinking. Some of the wins like Hunk and Usha come on strong existing Client relationships while the others are testimony to the competitive edge of our people in Delhi. Our belief in long term relationships and translating them into sustainable business successes has played a strong role in this string of impressive wins,” said Arvind Wable, CEO and Executive Director, Draftfcb Ulka.

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