Draftfcb Ulka launches Experiential Marketing division called Aquila Experience

The Concept of products has travelled time – from being commodities to being products to services and now experiences. Marketing of products must travel with it, to embody experience as an integral part of consumer connect.

Mass advertising is great, but is unable to complete the circle that consumers desire. This is where Experiential Marketing steps in. Experiential Marketing provides consumers with an opportunity to test a brand in their own space. It enables brands to bring alive an interesting combination of product experience and product imagery. As a result it creates relevance & reason for adoption that was not possible in a traditional advertising scenario.

In-keeping with its tradition of offering strategic marketing based solutions to clients, Draftfcb Ulka introduces Aquila Experience, its Experience Marketing Division. Aquila Experience is set to provide strategic brand activation & Experiential Marketing solutions to clients.

“The efficacy of our brand solutions has increased considerably with the addition of our experience marketing division ‘Aquila Experience’. Combining our Digital offering with on ground activation is a very potent marketing program to realize the full potential of our creative ideas.” Say Arvind Wable, Executive Director & CEO, Draftfcb Ulka Delhi.

The division is headed by Puneet Malhotra, General Manager. He brings with him an experience of over 12 years in direct marketing, brand activation & events. He’s conceptualized & run programs for client like HP, Bausch & Lomb, Scholastic International, Turner International, DLF Malls, Castrol, Cummins India and more.

With proven record, the team at Aquila Experience has run national programs spanning services in – Shopper Marketing, School Programs, College Programs, Roadshows, Social Media, Mall Promotions, events to name some.

“Our experience across these services gives us a clear implementation edge in terms of adaptability and speed. Our focus is to provide our clients creative experiential solutions that are immersed in brand ethos, and bring a distinct experience to the consumers. ” Says Puneet Malhotra, General Manager at Aquila Experience.

“A day in the life of” Approach:Aquila Experience follows a simple model that studies the consumers’ lifestyle through a typical day in her life. Based on this they create programs that fit seamlessly into the consumers’ lives, enables them to experience the product or its imagery and subsequently takes them to adoption.

Therefore unlike the traditional approach to communication and engagement, where the brand is the focus, consumers are the cynosure of their thinking. Working backwards from the consumer’s mindset, they identify the inherent values of the brand that will fit the consumer lifestyle.

“Our solutions are always about creating a strong relationship between the brand & the consumer. We make sure that our programs are entertaining, enriching & honest,” says Puneet.

Experience is here to stay:Fortunately, more and more clients are now realizing the joy of Experiential Marketing. They are seeing results and are getting excited to try more. Marketers increasingly question their marketing belief and realign their spends to include Experiential Marketing as a core strategic tool.

In its first few months of operations, Aquila Experience has seen huge traction with the existing clients of Draftfcb Ulka, who see the division as a great opportunity to stretch their marketing effectiveness.

“While Experiential Marketing is fast becoming the success mantra for many brands, Marketers need to see beyond just their brands, into the lives of people they wish to reach. Success will surely follow,” says Puneet.

Initial success:In its short stint, Aquila Experience has created programs that have dared to move beyond the brand, into lives of people.

Bausch & Lomb:Bausch + Lomb created a unique college engagement program that touched a chord with the youth going into colleges. The program was aimed to promote the New Youth Lens, iConnect by simply logging into the desire of the youth moving into college – to transform their lives. A stir was created in colleges with a strong transformation story that got further amplified on Facebook. The program was a first of sorts, where the focus was away from the product and centered around the audience’s key occasion in life. The brand was now seen as the “Catalyst of transformation” and hence received greater acceptability. Interestingly the program was a fusion of various mediums where on-ground, facebook, radio, outdoors, roadshows came together to create a complete surround.

Here is what Akash Malik, Commercial Director, Bausch & Lomb had to say for the programe: “Aquila Experience has added a new dimension to our marketing programs. We’ve already experienced a highly successful program, where we build a transformation story for the youth, moving into one of their most important phases of life – College! The results were more than what we’d anticipated. With retailers showing increased footfalls and our Facebook fan page moving from 50K to 1.4L within a period of 2 months.

We’re now working on various projects with Aquila Experience, ranging from in-store shopper engagement programs to consumer programs (taking the Transformation story to a larger national audience!). We’re excited about this association and see it become an integral part of our marketing programs.”

Ambience Malls:Ambience mall is a new client project for Aquila Experience. The objective is to drive footfalls at the malls, but
more importantly position the malls as the shopping & entertainment destination. Therefore the focus would be on creating unique experiences at the mall and creating catchment based marketing programs to draw people in.

Choko La:Choko la is another very interesting project. With the Choko La seeking to expand its footprint nationally, they’re looking upto Aquila Experience to create unique chocolate experiences for consumers. The idea is to marry the brand’s passion for anything chocolate, to the consumers own love for it. A unique “Brown Christmas” engagement program is scheduled for the period 15th December – 25th December, 2011. The program will aim to create a disruption of sorts by changing the colors of Christmas from Red to Brown! The program will be an interesting mix of on-ground (malls), online (Facebook), in-store and radio to create the surround.

Aquila Experience – Plans for growth:Aquila Experience is already present in Delhi & Mumbai with the Bangalore Chapter to start early next year. Irrespective of the location, the team has capabilities to run programs across the country.

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