Draftfcb Shanghai launches Nivea winter commercials in China

Shanghai: Nivea and Draftfcb Shanghai have launched a series of winter commercials in China to drive awareness of Nivea. Among the red sea of fierce competition, Nivea is so far the only brand not using men celebrities while all other international competitors have each been featuring different celebrities.

Andy Chan, executive creative director of beauty care at Draftfcb Shanghai says, “This brand platform has consistently built success and emotional empathy for the Nivea brand. The Nivea man is an aspirational man who is a confident achiever and resonates well with all middle-class in a fast-growing economy and hectic lifestyle.”

The TVC will be supported by print advertising appearing nationally and the campaign may later roll out across Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan. The strategy behind the new 30-second TVC is that successful businessmen are often challenged in managing their work/life balance, leaving them with fatigued skin and the need for revitalization to regain their successful appearances.

* Source: ACNeilsen Retail Audit Report August 2011

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