DISH Network Partners Rentrak for Audience Measurement Reporting

DISH Network Corporation (Nasdaq: DISH) has announced an agreement with Rentrak Corporation (Nasdaq: RENT) to report the measurement of DISH Network set-top box (STB) click-stream television data from millions of set top boxes. Rentrak’s TV Essentials delivers anonymous viewer measurement data from DISH Network’s set-top boxes, including second-by-second television programming and advertising information.

DISH Network will use Rentrak’s TV Essentials reporting system together with other DISH Network tools to analyze anonymous audience viewing of programming and advertising for linear television and generate detailed viewer measurement information.

DISH Network selected Rentrak’s TV Essentials service as a means to gain further insight into subscriber viewing preferences. TV Essentials is integrated with the DISH Network traffic and billing system(s) for ad placement information, giving DISH Network and its advertising partners performance intelligence by campaign, program and individual advertisement. TV Essentials will also report on DISH Network DVR and iTV reporting and analysis.

“Advertisers are clamoring for this level of reporting to gain insights and to increase efficiencies in this age of increased accountability,” said Michael Finn, vice president of Advertising Sales for DISH Network. “This reporting will make a significant difference for advertisers across all of our current and future initiatives, and will allow us to make more informed internal programming and marketing decisions.”

“We are pleased to work with DISH Network as their audience measurement service provider,” said Cathy Hetzel, president, Advanced Media and Information (AMI) division, Rentrak Corporation. “Rentrak’s TV Essentials system provides valuable intelligence that will help define the future of television audience measurement.”

Television advertisers and their agencies are searching for more data to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their advertising. Rentrak’s TV Essentials system processes data from millions of set top boxes to help advertising agencies, networks and local stations make business decisions to drive increased revenue. In addition to the TV Essentials system, Rentrak processes on demand television data representing more than 54 million set top boxes.

Rentrak Corporation, based in Portland, Oregon, is an information management company serving clients in the media, entertainment, retail, and advertising industries. The company’s Entertainment Essentials(TM) suite of services is redefining media measurement in the digital broadband era. Entertainment Essentials provides customers with near-real-time, actionable insight into performance of content distributed over a wide variety of modern media technologies. Available by license or sub scri ption, each Entertainment Essentials application allows executives to analyze detailed industry-wide and title-specific data to make decisions that enhance the bottom line and provide competitive advantage.

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