Discovery to launch new genre in India with Discovery Kids

Mumbai:Discovery Networks Asia Pacific today announced the launch of anew network in India – Discovery Kids. The announcement was made by Mark Hollinger, President & Chief Executive Officer, Discovery Networks Internationalin his keynote address at the FICCI FRAMES.During his address, Hollinger spoke about Discovery’s phenomenal journey in India having grown from a single network to eight distinct and successful networks with leadership across viewership, brand perception and HD technology.

Sharing details on the launch of Discovery Kids, Mark Hollinger, President and Chief Executive Officer, Discovery Networks Internationalstated, “Discovery Kids will offer Indian children the ideal combination of learning and entertainment. A unique network in the kids’ genre, Discovery Kids will offer children a fun and entertaining way to satisfy their natural curiosity with stimulating and imaginative programming. The network will ignite viewers’ imagination through its compelling and differentiated content. In light of the massivedigitisation drive in India, we believe viewers will express their demand for such distinct television networks. I cannot think of any other country more poised for the launch of such a remarkable network.”

Talking about Discovery India’s performance and company’s investment plans, Hollinger said,“We have expanded our business in India under the strong leadership of Rahul Johri on all counts: new channels, new language feeds, path breaking India productions, availability to over 175 million cumulative households, ad sales growth and innovations and high-decibel marketing. India is one of our key priority markets and we will continue to invest here.”

Speaking about India’s growth potential and the impact of the digitisation drive, Hollinger said,“There is no other country where people emanate such a sense of optimism. I find that Indians are raring to go and win in the world. Mix that with Indians’ appetite for information and entertainment and you get a fantastic environment to be in the pay television business.The fact that India is moving towards 100% digitisation presents an overwhelming opportunity for all of us. Digitisation of broadcast will make bandwidth usage more efficient, leading to wider choice for the viewers and newer opportunities for media companies. Digitisation means viewers will be more discerning and I predict that the programming with the best storytelling, compelling characters and stunning visuals will win out.”

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