Discovery to air 'I Almost Got Away With It' crime show

New Delhi: Discovery Channel’s new series I Almost Got Away With It features the stories of fugitives doing anything they can to escape prison. With the best and the brightest in law enforcement after them, their tales of life on the run are truly unbelievable. Find out how law enforcement uses all means necessary to discover and capture these wanted men/women. This March, I Almost Got Away With It airs on Discovery Channel, Monday – Saturday, at 7 pm.

Each episode of I Almost Got Away With It features real-life stories of people who have evaded justice for years – sometimes decades – by using any and all means necessary, including their families, fake identification, and even violence to escape the long arm of the law… until they got caught.

From a drug dealer who shoots his girlfriend in a lover’s feud to an ex-cop who is caught on tape firing a gun at her friend’s home, each has a different story but ultimately their motives are always the same – to stay out of prison and never get caught. Whether it was a botched robbery, a reckless affair, or e-mail tracking technology that led to their arrests, these fugitives eventually discover that crime doesn’t pay.

Now behind bars, these slick culprits now tell all – where they found shelter, how they changed their identities, and how they managed to stay on the run. With vivid re-enactments of the crimes and subsequent captures, I Almost Got Away With It also reveals how law enforcement agencies relentlessly pursued and finally apprehend these fugitives.


  • Gregory Duclaire

    I would like to star in your show I almost got away with it . For more info about my story on how I almost got away with it email me at or call at 570 218 2368

    • Andre Cunningham

      I would like to have my case air on your show (I almost got away with it). My case falls right in place if not surpassing most of your already seen cases. My case and charges are behind me now,I served all required time that was given. Thanks.
      Andre Cunningham 678_760_9062

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