Discovery Science to air ‘Why Planes Crash’

Why-Planes-Crash-on-DiscoveIn this world of real time connectivity and technology, Discovery Science presents a captivating new series on the distressing and terrifying true accounts of airborne disasters in Why Planes Crash. Pilots, crew and passengers will relive their near-death experiences in which routine flights turned into nightmares.

Why Planes Crash will bring alive some of the hair-raising true stories of air crashes imaginable with the aid of shocking archive footage and dramatic animated reconstructions. The series will feature planes colliding mid-air, a corporate jet running into a 737 over the Amazon River, cargo door explosion in a 747 amongst many other air crashes.

Commenting on the series, Rahul Johri, Executive Vice President and General Manager – South Asia & South East Asia, Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific said, “Discovery Science is home to the most cutting edge, captivating and exclusive content based on everyday science that goes beyond imagination to find answers. Why Planes Crash is an investigative series that brings to light mysterious causes of severe air-borne disasters.”

The series will investigate different kinds of aviation disasters with high quality animations to help tell the story. Each one-hour episode will focus on a theme, like flying in severe weather, communication problems that turn deadly and pilots that rely too much on automation. Why Planes Crash will also include small planes and helicopters, which have their own set of dangers.

Find out the truth about airplane safety on Discovery Science from March 9th, every Monday- Friday at 10 PM.

Some of the episodes in the series feature:

Brace For Impact
The series kicks off with a look at what causes some pilots to risk ditching their planes in the water, and how they and their passengers can survive the experience.

Collision Course
Eyewitnesses and survivors share their accounts of planes colliding in mid-air, and there is a look at when a corporate jet ran into a 737 over the Amazon River.

Human Error
Mistakes, oversights and distractions can have consequences. This show features the jet which ran out of fuel and smashed into a hillside just miles from a runway.

Breaking Point
Nine passengers are sucked out of a 747 flying over the Pacific when a cargo door explodes. This is just one of the sudden structural failures in this episode, which also sees a DC-10 lose an engine on take-off!

Fire In The Sky
The Federal Aviation Administration has found that up to three flights out of 100,000 are diverted due to smoke or fire in flight, but the situation is no less dangerous for being commonplace. Witness some of the disastrous consequences in this episode.


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