Discovery Channel launches new series One Car Too Far

New Delhi: With a new twist in survival programming, Discovery Channel brings a new seriesONE CAR TOO FAR. Combining the spectacular do-or-die car stunts with creative problem solving and survival, ONE CAR TOO FARfollows a former British special forces soldier, Gary Humphrey and an Americancar fanatic, Bill Wu as they are dropped into incredible landscapes and forced to work together to survive and ultimately escape to safety.

The spin – they will have to learn to survive using a four wheel drive all-purpose vehicle. It‘s the perfect combination as one knows how to drive and the other knows how to survive. With no proper roads and no real supplies, the two must rely on instinct and expertise alone to make it out. Discovery Channel will take viewers on the drive of their life to the most extreme parts of Chile in South Americafrom Monday to Friday at 10 pm, starting 3rd September.

One Car Too Far elevates survival to a new level with an added complication–Gary and Bill have just three days to track down a ten year old red car that is not specially equipped for harsh terrains, and bring it back to civilisation using only their wits and their wheels on an incredible journey that pits them against the clock and Chile’s mostextreme environments.From perilous icy glaciers, to intensely humid and dense jungles, to shifting sands in arid deserts, and mountains with treacherous slopes and sub-zero temperatures, OOne Car Too Far pushes the limits of human endurance and explores the measures we resort to in order to survive.

Commenting on the programme Rahul Johri, senior vice president and general manager – South Asia, Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific said, “Discovery Channel’s series One Car Too Far brings a new twist to our offering of survival programming. Following two thrill-seeking adventurers on ultimate nerve wrenching expeditions, the series showcases creative problem solving and survival, packed with a lot of humour.”

Packed with lots of action and adventure, OOne Car Too Far follows Gary and Bill as they relysolely on instincts and expertise to conquer every obstacle that comes their way. Watch as they attempt to use whatever supplies they can find to turn their 4-wheel drive into an all-purpose vehicle that can get them through just about over, under and throughall any challenges.Witness as Gary and Bill’s persistence to stay alive results in various unusual but ingenious survival tips and quirky mechanical tricks,includingtaking ordinary parts from their car to create hunting weapons, building a good shelter in the snow or using an egg to seal a crack in their car‘s radiator. To top off all the action, every episode of One Car Too Far will leave viewers at the edge of their seatswith a spectacular do-or-die car stunt that exerts mechanical brilliance, supreme driving skills and a lot of luck.

Do Gary and Bill have what it takes to conquer every obstacle on their path to civilisation? Catch all the action, highs and lows on the following episodes of One Car Too Far:

Volcano :
Ex-military survival expert Gary Humphrey and gearhead mechanic Bill Wu cope with sub-zero temperatures when they drive their trusty 4×4 from the top of a snow-capped volcano, back to civilization. Along their route, they’ll deal with deadly crevasse fields, which almost prove to be Gary’s undoing, slick ice sheets that challenge Bill’s driving skills to the extreme and boulder-strewn impasses. Gary gets close to Bill when he shows him the importance of building a good shelter in the snow and a major mechanical problem threatens the whole challenge.

Desert :
Ex-military survival expert Gary Humphrey and gearhead mechanic Bill Wu are faced with one of their toughest challenges when they have to escape from one of the world’s driest places – the Atacama Desert. Navigating dunes the size of tower blocks and 45-degree walls of sand is just the beginning. Gary and Bill must cope with scorching temperatures and the blazing sun during the day, but near-freezing conditions when night falls. Gary has a trick up his sleeve for getting extra water for them to drink that’s not to Bill’s tastes. Gary also shows Bill a way to make a fire to brew his all-important cup of tea and Bill amazes Gary when he comes up with an inspired solution for a leaking radiator.

Rain Forest
Ex-military survival expert Gary Humphrey and gearhead mechanic Bill Wu cut their way through impenetrable rainforest to find their only means back to civilization – their car. Some of their biggest challenges are the torrential rain, cold temperatures and endless mud, but they also have to cut a path by hand before they can drive anywhere. Bill has to deal with his fear of all manner of bugs, while Gary has to take the plunge to help them to cross a flooded river. Bill finds an ingenious way to light the campfire and Gary has a unique way of using seatbelts. The biggest challenge comes when they flood the car to drive along any icy river.

Ex-military survival expert Gary Humphrey and gearhead mechanic Bill Wu take on a South American mountain range, as they try to drive their way back to civilization. They’ll have to navigate steep rock faces, huge boulders and potential rock-slides. Bill’s genius shines through when he comes up with a novel fix for a broken spark plug cable, Gary takes on the ultimate abseiling challenging when faced with a real-life cliff-hanger and his hunting skills provide a much needed protein boost. Roles are reversed when Gary takes the wheel of the 4×4 and a broken accelerator cable means Bill and Gary have to demonstrate real team work in the final leg of the challenge.

Under the Hood
Ex-military survival expert Gary Humphrey and gearhead mechanic Bill Wu take us behind the scenes and under the hood. Featuring exclusive interviews and never before seen footage, Bill and Gary reveal their top ten tips for driving and surviving off-road. We’ll discover the high and the lows of their epic challenges, the camaraderie that grew between Bill and Gary and what they did to get under each other’s skin.

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