Discovery channel launches new series 'East To West'

New Delhi: It was in the rich and fertile lands along the great rivers of the east where civilisation was born. From the dawn of mankind and the first cities and empires to the belief in one God; Discovery Channel’s new series EAST TO WEST follows the flow of civilisation from the Middle East. From the foundation of science, monotheism, artistic expression, commerce, civil rights and justice – all of these ideals and more have their roots in Middle Eastern thought.

Starting May 21st, every Monday at 8 pm, Discovery Channel’s premiere series EAST TO WEST examines the role that Middle East has played in shaping world history and Western civilisation. It is an epic journey of discovery from the east to the west.

Middle East was an economic, scientific and cultural center of the world which has been a vital link between the continents of Asia, Africa and Europe for millennia. This land from ancient times has shaped the modern world, giving it agriculture, cities and the belief in God.

Commenting on the programme, Rahul Johri, senior vice president and general manager – South Asia, Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific said, “Shot in high definition, East to West is a landmark series which traces the story of the birth and growth of civilization in the Middle East and its huge influence on the West. With deep insight into history and picturesque visuals, it should immensely appeal to the Indian audience.”

Follow the first stages of civilisation: the rise of agriculture, governance and writing in Mesopotamia. Visit ancient Babylon (Iraq) and Mari (Syria) to explore the world’s earliest cities. Discover that our system of dividing hours and angles into blocks of 60 is a system derived from the geniuses of Babylon. Trace the story of the Prophet Mohammed in Mecca and the spread of Islam through the Middle East and North Africa. Follow the successors of Timur as they spread south into India, creating the wonders of the Mughal Empire. Explore the first temples of the Middle East and how the pantheon of Pagan God’s that ruled from Mesopotamia to Egypt and Greece to Rome, were over thrown by a revolutionary idea – monotheist (the belief in one universal God).

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