Digitization to bring fair reporting of subscriber base : Tarun Katial

Reacting to the Union government’s nod to the ordinance that seeks to fast-track the digitisation of TV broadcasts ,Tarun Katial, CEO, Reliance Broadcast Network has said that digitization will bring fair reporting of subscriber base in the country.

“Digitization brings in fair reporting of subscriber base, leading to standard pricing and will help do away with local monopoly. Digitization will also increase the subscription revenues for operators and reduce the carriage fee for broadcasters in a phased manner and should help margins in the long term,” Tarun Katial said .

Tarun Katial said that current capacity constraints in analog cable have led to stifling growth of new channels and introduction of technologically advanced content. He said that the increased capacity of digital distribution will drive greater investments by broadcasters toward focused, targeted and HD content.

“The carriage costs paid by broadcasters which currently remain high in view of the limited bandwidth of analog cable would decrease post digitization. This would allow broadcasters, to make higher investments in programming & marketing thus improving the customer experience.” Mr Katial said.

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