DIGIT records 30 percent readership growth

New Delhi: DIGIT is India’s best-read technology magazine, according to the Indian Readership Survey 2011 – Q1 published yesterday. The respected survey shows DIGIT achieved the fastest growth among top 10 English monthlies in India across all domains.

DIGIT’s readership has increased 30% to 221,000 readers, taking it to 9th position among all monthly English magazines. Making the achievement more remarkable is the fact it’s come at a time when eight of the top 10 English monthlies witnessed a decline in readership.

The survey showed DIGIT further increased its readership lead with its closest competitor in the tech-magazine space, PC Quest. PC Quest showed a readership of 83,000, a decline of 36% this year. Another tech-magazine, Chip, did not feature in the survey.

Pramath Raj Sinha, Managing Director of DIGIT publisher, 9.9 Media, said innovation had been the key driver of DIGIT’s growth. “The smart mix of product reviews, game reviews, product comparisons, technology-buying advice, tech-news analysis and its generous dose of features on technology applications in everyday life, ensure 9.9 Media’s DIGIT is growing exponentially in strength with each issue,” he said.

The company’s efforts on the online portal, thinkdigit.com, have also contributed significantly to growth on the print side. According to independent research and media-planning tools like Google Ad Planner and Alexa, thinkdigit.com saw 7.6 lakh visits in May, which lead to 17 lakh pageviews. Trailing thinkdigit.com on both parameters were Techtree.com, on 4.6 lakh visits and 12 lakh pageviews, and Tech2.in.com, on 2.9 lakh visits and 8.2 lakh pageviews. thinkdigit.com has also been the only tech-website in India to see consistent growth for the past few years.

The DIGIT community has an active following on popular social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, where more than 1 lakh active members follow the latest tech-updates, advice and analysis from DIGIT’s expert team of writers.

Having already assumed the leadership position in print, online and social networks, DIGIT is now looking to take its commanding tech-enthusiast support base to the next level by building on the modes of delivery of its already-rich content.

“With innovation being the constant driving force behind operations, 9.9 Media will soon release DIGIT apps for mobile phones and tablets, to help users access content with greater ease,” Sinha said. “With leading media platforms of the ilk of DIGIT, we at 9.9 Media believe we can set the benchmark for technology media companies across the globe.”

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