DIGIT becomes India’s most Read Tech mgazine

New Delhi : 9.9 Media has announced that its publication DIGIT has been recognized, once again, as the #1 Technology Magazine in India in terms of readership in the 2009 Indian Readership Survey (R2).

The IRS survey indicates that Digit continues to be the dominant source for readers to stay updated on the latest in technology. With a readership base of 1,77,000, Digit leads the technology magazines across all age groups, SEC segments and professions. IRS Survey is an independent readership survey conducted annually across India. It covers 350+ publications across 24 states and 91 cities.

Digit’s large readership is a testimony to its strong appeal to technology friendly readers beyond just the technology professionals. The strength of its content and engagement with the readers is underscored by the fact that its readership, far exceeding most specialty magazines, is in spite of one of the highest cover price on the stands. The readership of Digit not only represents a significant market for technology products on its own but is also the most influential community when it comes to advice on technology buying decisions for a large majority of Indian consumers.

Each monthly issue of Digit comes with two free DVDs and a Fast Track guide. The articles cover technology used by the readers in their personal and professional lives. The DVDs helps users experience the latest software, games and tools helping readers discourage use of pirated software in India. Digit has recently launched its first Season of Digit TV on its DVDs. The Fast Track guide provides tips and tutorials on commonly used software and products.

Asheesh Gupta, Cofounder of 9.9 Media and Publishing Director of Digit, said “Our strategy of enhancing the content quality, scope and reach along with deeper engagement with the Digit community across print, online and on the ground seems to have struck the right cord with readers and netizens. It strengthens our resolve to be more community centric and keep our ear to the ground“.

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