Di MODOLO Announces Catherine Zeta-Jones as New Brand Ambassador

Di MODOLO, the prestigious jewelry house, announced actress Catherine Zeta-Jones as the new face of the company. The Di MODOLO campaign, featuring Mrs. Zeta-Jones, will debut in the November 2007 issues of top fashion and lifestyle publications, including: W, Vogue, In Style, and Town and Country. She will be representing all facets of the brand that has expanded to include the new TEMPIA Timepiece Collection and Di MODOLO Haute Couture. She will celebrate the campaign today at an exclusive reception at the flagship store in New York City.

“We are so happy to welcome Catherine as the face of Di MODOLO,” said Benny Shabtai, President & CEO of Di MODOLO, “She embodies a natural radiance and international appeal that is an ideal match with our brand.”

“I am delighted to be working with Di MODOLO,” said Mrs. Zeta-Jones, “The collections strike a perfect balance between classic glamour and cutting edge beauty.”

The Di MODOLO brand has evolved since its launch in 2001. To continue this trend, the brand has created Di MODOLO Haute Couture. This dazzling collection breathes freshness and innovation into the high-end diamond jewelry market. This new collection was born out of a partnership with DD Manufacturing (DDM), which is among the leading global diamond manufacturers of large and rare stones. Di MODOLO Haute Couture combines chic design with the world’s most beautiful diamonds. The pieces are typically singular, exclusive, or limited edition.

Continuing in their effort to revitalize the high-end jewelry market, Di MODOLO also launches the much anticipated TEMPIA Timepiece Collection, created by master designer Dino Modolo. Mr. Modolo has been the innovator of fine timepieces for many of the leading watch brands throughout his illustrious career. Now, with his namesake jewelry collection in full stride, it is the perfect time to unveil the new TEMPIA Timepiece Collection. The beautiful and intricately crafted timepieces range in price from 12,500 to 55,000.

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