Dhaka asks radio, TV channels to use 'pure' Bengali

Dhaka: The Bangladesh government has asked private radio stations and television channels in the country to be “more neutral and pro-people” and use Bengali language that is “pure”, a minister has said.

Information Minister Abul Kalam Azad told parliament Saturday that all private radio and television channels had been advised to ensure the proper use and application of Bangla language.

“Some private radios have been using Bangla and another language, which the government considers a threat to the use of pure Bangla,” The Daily Star quoted him as saying.

The state-run radio and television channels in Bangladesh adhere to what is called the Shantipur dialect — its name derived from a place in Nadia district on the Bangladesh-India border and located about 200 km from Kolkata.

But, the private radio stations and television channels, have been using the language ‘Bangal’, traditionally spoken in the rural areas of East Bengal.

Bangladesh has 15 private radio stations and television channels.

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