Dell account Loss Reduces Havas Media's Q3 growth by 0.6 points

Havas Media , a global advertising and communications services group has announced Q3 results . The media group has registered an organic growth of +5.8%. Revenue for the first 9 months of 2008 was €1,118 million, an increase of +1.8% over the same period in 2007, at current exchange rates. A stronger euro had a negative exchange rate impact of €65 million on the Group over the first 9 months of the year by comparison with the same period in 2007. At constant exchange rates, revenue was up by +8.2%.

“The loss of the Dell account in Asia reduced the Group’s Q3 growth by 0.6 points bedides a drop in investment in North America specifically in the tourism, finance and health sectors.The Group is still maintaining its target 2008 operating margin of between 11% and 12%. 1 Net account gains, expressed in estimated annual billings,” a Havas media release said.

Despite the worsening economic climate in Europe as a whole, the release said, main Havas agencies continue to perform satisfactorily on the main national markets, France and Spain in particular.Q3 growth in the United States was penalized by an exceptionally high basis for comparison in 2007 and by a significant reduction in advertising spend in certain sectors such as banking and tourism. These alone account for a 4 point fall in our organic growth in the zone.

“Net new business remained highly dynamic in Q3. Over the first 9 months of the year, our net new business totaled €1,446 million, comparable to the same period in 2007 and one of the best relative performances in the sector,” the release said.

During the last 9 months Havas Media group has added many feathers to its cap .BETC Euro RSCG took the Grand Prix for its Aigle campaign and won another award for its work for Canal+. Leg won three awards for its Eurostar campaigns and H also won a prize for Bocage. Euro RSCG South Africa was awarded a Silver and a Bronze in the print advertising category for its client Reckitt Benckiser. Euro RSCG Digital Buenos Aires was named most innovative agency in Argentina by Infobrand Magazine.MPG International won the Media & Marketing Europe award for best campaign in the Financial Services and Consulting sectors for Barclays Global Investors.

Several agencies were awarded at the Web Awards: Euro RSCG 4D London for Peugeot and the Central Office of Information; Euro RSCG 4D Amsterdam with one award for Carte Noire and four for Volvo; Euro RSCG 4D Portland for Barclays Global Investors; Palm Canada for Travel Alberta Canada; Arnold Boston for ESPN, Ocean Spray, Tony Hawk Proving Ground and American Legacy/Truth; Euro RSCG San Francisco for Genentech Pulmozyme; BETC Euro RSCD for Disneyland Paris. BETC Euro RSCG took Silver for NBC Universal/SciFi and Silver and Bronze for 13e Rue. Media Contacts Argentina carried off four awards, including two Silvers for Coca-Cola and Repsol YPF plus two Bronze awards.

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