Delhi Press relaunches Caravan magazine

An English-language magazine “The Caravan” which is known for its narrative style of writing has been launched across the country with a brand new look, a new design, shape and editorial content.

The Caravan was launched in 1940 by Vishwa Nath but unfortunately ceased publication in 1980. In 2008 it was revived by Anant Nath current director, Delhi press who soft launched it in select markets. Currently it is priced at Rs 40.The Caravan’ has a new design, shape and editorial content.

“The January re-launch of the magazine is a culmination of more than a year’s research and feedback as the magazine will take forward its endeavour of zingy story-telling to a loyal and growing audience base who savour its narrative format. The Caravan’s format has been an inspiration from its contemporaries across continents in The Harper’s, The Atlantic and The New Yorker,” said Nath. “Over the last year, The Caravan has assembled a fine mix of writers that are of distinguished international repute. In fact, for the first time an Indian magazine has introduced the concept of contributing editors. These are writers of international acclaim who will be contributing to the magazine regularly and also advice in its editorial development.”

The prime focus of the magazine will be politics i.e. domestic as well as international, the magazine will also focus on culture, travel, society, art and literature as well. Paresh Nath is the editor of The Caravan, Anant Nath is the managing editor and Vinod K Jose is the deputy editor.

Source: Bombay Adclub

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