Delhi Blast Victims' kin turn wrath on journalists now

New Delhi: After politicians, it is now the turn of journalists to face the wrath of relatives of the victims of Wednesday’s blast at the Delhi High Court, in which 12 people were killed and 96 wounded.

Unending, repetitive questions and constant shooting of visuals appear to have got the better of inconsolable relatives at the Ram Manohar Lohia (RML) Hospital. Journalists and TV crew are being called ‘insensitive’ by some.

“You media people simply want your masala (spice),” Monmohan Singh, father of 21-year-old Amanpreet Singh who died, said in anger. “Your business should not end. That is all you want.”

A woman journalist, busy taking snapshots of the widow of blast victim H.D. Joshi in the emergency ward, was told off by their daughter.

“Stop being so shameless, madam!” the daughter said. “My father has lost his life and you people want pictures?” Sixty-eight-year-old Joshi succumbed to injuries Wednesday afternoon.

Hospital authorities could do little as media persons came in hordes.

“Yesterday it was much more chaotic for the police and hospital,” a senior hospital official said. “There were VIPs coming, journalists running everywhere for information, and victims who had to be our main concern.”

It was not just TV crew, print journalists were also not spared for their ‘unending’ questions.

“TV crew are going crazy for visuals and print journalists want to know every detail,” Jaspal Kaur, whose husband is undergoing treatment there, said. “Where should we run to for help to our relatives?”

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