Del Monte Launches beverage campaign on TV

Del Monte has Launched its first musical beverage campaign on TV . In a market where consumer tastes are moving steadily away from carbonated beverages towards healthier alternatives such as fruit drinks, this constitutes a big opportunity for the brand. The aim through the TVC is to leverage the unique taste and use the communication codes of “hip and cool” to communicate a simple brand truth: Taste. Like Never Before.

Another unique advantage with Del Monte fruit drinks is its packaging. Cans and PET are rapidly growing in the beverage market, as these are majorly used for on the go consumption.

“Being the latest entrant in the beverage market what makes Del Monte special is the fact that we have amazing tasting products which are distinct in themselves,” Yogesh Bellani, Business Head, Del Monte Food Business said.

Consumer Insight to the changing times

Fruit drinks serve the need for indulgence as well as refreshment. Audience today is well informed and aware, challenges existing norms and embraces ‘newness’. While fruit drink consumption cuts across age groups, younger consumers are more frequent consumers. The consumer insight was that young consumers found fruit drinks as “cool” as fizzy drinks were a few decades ago. This insight was a statement about changing times.

The Big Idea

The creative idea was that when we try something new and like it a lot, we may find it impossible to describe to ourselves and others what it tastes like. It could actually be a lot easier to say what it does not taste like! Our attempts to explain the taste may actually lead others to try it, in order to figure it out for themselves. The execution has been designed to be entertaining, pacy and fun rather than preachy and logical.

Prashant Mathur, General Manager & Delhi Head, (Contract) says, ‘The insight set the ball rolling and ensured that we maintained the cool quotient. We wanted to make a fun commercial and did not take the phrase “it tastes like” too literally when it came to communicating the brand message’.

Yogesh Bellani, Business Head, Del Monte Food Business, FieldFresh Foods Pvt. Ltd has this to say about the execution: ‘We had the option of following a story based approach but chose a montage format instead. Our objective was to arouse a curiosity and a happy feeling instead of simply imparting information about the brand and products. We’d like the consumer to connect with the TVC emotionally and be entertained by it. The simplicity of the message was amplified by the attractive characters, visuals and the foot-tapping Del Monte song’.

The song is the soul of the ad. It is peppy and catchy, reflecting energy and vibrancy with a host of adorable characters singing and dancing to the tune. The diverse characters and scenarios, make for fresh and lively visuals and their antics keep the audience engaged and arouses curiosity in the brand and the product.

The TVC has a very modern look and feel. It engages the viewer to join the party, sing-along and ultimately urges the viewer to try out Del Monte fruit drink to find out what it tastes like. The underlining message of the song sums up the communication on the beverage and the brand itself, “Taste. Like Never Before.” Being high on brand imagery as well as having a strong audio track, the ad lends itself to multiple uses across media like TV, internet, OOH and Radio etc.

The Del Monte song was composed by Mikey McCleary, acclaimed song-writer and music composer and the film was directed by Sabal Singh Shekhawat of The Big Picture Company.

Credits: The Del Monte Team
•Yogesh Bellani – Business Head
•Sudipta Sen Gupta – Head Marketing
•Devarshy R Ganguly – Senior Manager Marketing
•Garima Patni – Senior Brand Executive

The Advertising Agency: Contract Advertising

Creative: NimaNamchu – ECD
SambitMisra&AneeshJaisinghani – Creative Director
Timothy Rufus – Copy
Client Servicing – Rajesh Kochhar – Sr. Vice President – Client Services
Ashuti Mathur – Supervisor
Planning team – AtishiPradhan –Regional planning Director Delhi and South
PrachiNarula – Sr. Strategic planning director
The Production Team: The Big Picture Company
Director: Sabal Singh Shekhawat
Location: Mumbai

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