Deepika throws KCK screening for Red FM listeners

Mumbai : It all started the week before Holi when Red FM RJs & Listeners started campaigning for a Holi party which they wanted to celebrate with Deepika Padukone. From contacting the children of Deepika’s building, to getting her co-stars and film directors to message her, Red FM RJs left no stone unturned to get access to the actress, and invite her to attend their party with the listeners.

After facing many road blocks and desperate for some further help, RJs turned to listeners asking them for suggestions on how to convince Deepika to attend their Holi Party. Listeners chipped in with contact numbers of her maid, her watchman, her hairdresser and many more.

When the RJs found out that Deepika was out of the country, for the Holi weekend, it seemed like all was lost. But not one to give up easily, they still tried hard to get through to Deepika.

Moved by the enthusiasm shown by Red FM RJs and her fans, Deepika called Red FM up on her return to India, and offered to host a private screening of her latest release ‘Karthik Calling Karthik’ on the 8th of March at Ketnav Studios, Bandra. Since, International Women’s Day is celebrated on the 8th of March; Red FM invited its female listeners to watch the movie with Deepika and all their favourite RJs.

As told by Deepika Padukone to RJ Malishka on Red FM, “Initially I was thinking maybe this is a regular invitation to another Holi party or probably a prank. Later while I was busy rehearsing for the Filmfare awards, all the make up artists and hair stylists over there kept telling me that Malishka is looking for you, and that’s when I realised what this was…I want to make it up to you guys by taking you and your listeners for a movie.”

From helping a die hard fan, Amritanshu, meet his Idol SRK, to giving Deepika Padukone fans a chance of a lifetime to watch a movie with her…Red FM is finding new and innovative ways to help die hard fans to reach their favourite stars.

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