Deepak Chaurasia heading to India News ?

deepak-chaurasiaNew Delhi: Deepak Chaurasia, Editor, National Affairs, ABP News is heading to India News. Sources close to India News said he is likely to join the ITV’s Hindi news brand next year .

Deepak Chaurasia had stopped hosting ABP’s Kaun Banega Mukhyamantri show sometime back. There were rumours that he is going to quit ABP News (formerly Star News) .Later he had clarified that he has not quit and is out of office for health reasons.

Media Newsline has learnt that Mr Chaurasia will be one of the stake holders in the channel besides looking after the content side.

Deepak Chaurasia is a senior television journalist . Before joining Star News he was Executive Editor , Aaj Tak.

[stextbox id=”alert”] Deepak Chaurasia currently heads India News Hindi News Channel. He can be reached as under:
Deepak Chaurasia,
Editor in Chief
India News Hindi News channel
Information TV Pvt Ltd
276, Media House, Capt. Gaur Marg,Srinivaspuri, Nr. Okhla Bus Depot,New Delhi-65
Ph: +91-11-66231000
Fax: +91-11-66231000


  • Prem Aggarwal•a few seconds ago −

    Exactly after joining India News, it looks that Deepak Chorasia is supported by the Congress and he looks to be a Congress agent. He seenms to be deadly against Arvind Kejriwal and the way the Indian Govt. is performing, he is supopoirting this Govt. It woyuld have been better for him top play a Role suited to India Against Corruption. What does he mean by questioning the Split in Anna Party? If Anna is fighting against Corruption in his own way and Arvind Kejriwal in a different way, why should he have any question. This point has already been made clear to Mr. Deepak Chorasia by anna ji. Then where is the controversey? Why is Deepak Choeasia questioning Arvind Kejriwal for no rerason? Is he now supporting the vCongress and starting this India News Channel tio give a full Support to the Congress for the Coming election? I have seen NMr. Deepak Chorasia in the company of CongressMen in recent times and it would be better for him to be neutral otherwise, he is running arisk to his Journalistic Career. I do not like the way he is behaving on the Channel. He is performing like he himself is against Arvind Kejriwal. His remarks are clearly showing his compaign against Kejriwal. Better for Deepak Chorasia to give his contribution to in supporting a Compaign against Corruption.
    If this is the way a Jouralist behaves against Mr. Arvind Kejriwal, it will be dangerous for him. It looks he is personal enemy of Arvind Kejriwal. No Other Channel has started any suvch Smear cxompaign again this movement of Annaji and Kejriwal exceopt Mr. Deepak Chorasia. I again as a Citizen of India not belonging to any party, nor to any movement, not to indulge in such a Smear Compaign and Character Assasination against Mr. Arvind Kejriwal Everyone gets an impression about Mr. Deepak Chorasia that he is deadlty against Mr. Arvind Kejriwal personally.

  • chandal choukdi: bhaiyu , agnivesh , congress & deepak

  • sir i am fan of yr programs i keep it wish u best of luck

  • Mr Deepak Chaurasia,
    do good , I am praying for you .God will be with you .Mean While You are Helping a poor Family to get righteous although you are givng the message of Asaram Bapu’s Thousands of follower’s to get message of Asaram Bapu’s Present Situvation in Court and Jail .Thanks for the Same.
    Secondly I Wish and Pray that C M Narendra Modi will be the Next P M and Mr Advani will be the President of India in 2014.C M Narendra Modi will be the first Person in BJP to give the Life to the Nation in BJP like Late P M Indira Gandhi.those who love the Nation and work for the Nation – Politic’s People will not allow them to live long life for Nation .Now I Pray for C M Narendra Modi to become P M and Mr Advani be the President of India , Live or Not is not the matter , Give Life for the Nation Through Trumendous Work is the Matter – that is Possible Only by C M Narendra Modi Among all Political Party Leaders . so that BJP leader ship has to come in India in 2014 .Thank You.

  • Mr Deepak u r congress agent and u r Anti National also same on u

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