DDB Worldwide presents “social creativity” at Asia's Marketing Effectiveness Festival

New York : Chuck Brymer, president and CEO of DDB Worldwide, presented the network’s philosophy of “social creativity” at Asia’s Marketing Effectiveness Festival (AMEs) in Shanghai, May 12, 2011, marking the first time the viewpoint has been officially presented in China.

Brymer demonstrated that expanding digital communities, along with the simultaneous rise in trust in friends and families, have changed the role and impact of marketing communications in Asia and worldwide.

“Successful marketing today uses a different formula than it did in the past. It requires new thinking, new approaches, and new ways of working. At DDB we believe creativity is the most powerful force in business—creativity so powerful that people want to play with, participate in and pass it along.

“The forces of technology and choice are giving consumers greater power than ever before. That’s the essence of effectiveness, great creative with a big idea that lives and builds momentum. It’s these ideas that connect not only people with brands, but people with people. At DDB we call this social creativity: A new way of talking about, thinking about and creating work.”

Chuck demonstrated how, done right, social creativity can change people’s behavior. The work he shared included some of DDB’s award-winning campaigns, such as Philips’ “Parallel Lines,” Volkswagen’s “Fun Theory” and the China Environmental Protection Foundation’s “Green Pedestrian Crossing.”

“In the past, communications were sent to you as an individual and this is where the message ended. For a campaign to be effective, this is only the beginning of the journey,” he said. “Innovation is the engine of change and innovation is driven by ideas. Ideas are the currency that allows us to change the world, to create attitudinal beliefs, to define social standards and, yes, hopefully compel someone to want to wear something, want to eat something or want to drive something. A campaign communicated effectively can do this very well.”

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