DDB China Group’s Chinese New Year Minisite Spreads Social Creativity via Breeding Bunnies

Shanghai : To usher in the Year of the Rabbit, DDB China Group is sending out its Chinese New Year greetings via breeding bunnies! DDB China Group has launched a festive, interactive online minisite that allows users to create their own virtual families of rabbits in celebration of an “abundant” new year.

Participants will be able to breed virtual rabbits by choosing “parents” from existing rabbits already created by other users within the site, and have a chance to personalize their baby rabbit. Each rabbit will have a combination of designs in a traditional Chinese paper-cutting style with a unique color. The new rabbit will then be eligible to be chosen as a parent by other users. Participants will be able to watch their rabbits “breed” and keep track of how many family members their rabbit is related to – children, grandchildren, brothers, sisters, and cousins – as well as the identities of the people who have created them.

“We invite everyone to participate and breed a little Social Creativity with DDB China Group this Chinese New Year,” said Dick van Motman, President and CEO of DDB Greater China Group. “We hope users will enjoy this innovative way to spread new year greetings!”

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