DDB China Group Scores Big at Major Awards Shows

Shanghai: DDB China Group has won 11 awards in the span of one month at prestigious international and regional award shows including the ANDY Awards, AWARD, D&AD, New York Festivals, One Show Design, UNDPI Awards, CLIO, and Asian Marketing Effectiveness Awards.

Top honors have gone to creative work on campaigns such as the “Green Pedestrian Crossing” campaign for the China Environmental Protection Foundation and “Chicken Wings Challenge” for McDonald’s, further attesting to the fact that DDB is consistently one of the most creatively awarded networks globally. These award-winning campaigns are reflections of the agency’s belief that creativity is the most powerful force in the business, allowing DDB to develop ideas that people want to play with, participate in and pass along. This is Social Creativity, which results in ShareValue, the powerful combination of influence within social communications and tangible business performance.

At the Asian Marketing Effectiveness Festival on May 13 in Shanghai, DDB China Group took home silver in the Most Effective Use of Interactive Marketing category for the “Chicken Wings Challenge” campaign and a bronze in the Most Effective Use of Eco/Green Marketing category for the “Green Pedestrian Crossing” campaign.

The well known “Green Pedestrian Crossing” campaign went on to take home additional awards at several other notable awards i.e. :Gold at the International ANDY Awards in the Public Service category , In Book at the D&AD Awards in the Brand Experience & Environments category ,Silver and bronze at the AWARD (Australasian Writer and Art Directors Association) awards , Silver and bronze at the New York Festivals and Bronze from the prestigious UNDPI Awards (The UNDPI Awards are jointly sponsored by the United Nations Department of Public Information and the New York Festivals to award public service advertising that best exemplifies the ideals and goals of the United Nations).

DDB China Group’s “Beetle’s Eye View – Leaves, Flowers, Grass” campaign for the New Beetle Convertible, done last year for the Volkswagen Import Company (VICo) in China, was also awarded a gold in the Collateral Design: Poster Campaign category – the only gold award won by an agency in Greater China at the One Show Design Awards.

In addition, DDB Shanghai’s “Chopstick Tree” campaign for the China Environmental Protection Foundation notched a silver at the 2011 CLIO Awards.

“These are impressive accomplishments and I’m incredibly proud of the recognition DDB has garnered for not only our creative firepower but the effectiveness of our campaigns. The fact that we have performed well in both creative and effectiveness awards demonstrates the increasing importance given to marketing effectiveness, proving that effective creativity has become the focus for both clients and agencies,” said Dick van Motman, President and CEO of DDB Greater China Group. “We couldn’t have accomplished this without the dedication of our teams and our valued clients.”

“Creativity is DDB’s core belief, and these recent wins from such prominent international shows is a true reflection of our dedicated commitment to delivering high-quality creative solutions to our clients,” said Michael Dee, Chief Creative Officer of DDB China Group.

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