Dasmunsi Opens Film Equipment Expo

Minister of Information & Broadcasting and Parliamentary Affairs, P. R. Dasmunsi on Saturday inaugurated the Exhibition ‘Behind the Frames’ at IFFI – 2007 . The first of its kind at IFFI, it exhibits antique cameras and other equipments used for making films in the olden era to the latest gadgets. Organized by the Films Division of the I&B Ministry, the Exhibition gives insight into the hard effort that film makers of yester years had to put in towards making of their films.

Sanjit Narvekar directed ‘Dreaming Movies’, an exclusive documentary on the history of Indian cinema after the independence was released on the occasion. This 30-minute film has the celebration of Indian cinema from 1947 till date, as the theme. Chief Minister, Goa, Shri Digambar Kamat, Goa Chief Secretary, Shri J. P. Singh and Chief Producer, Films Division, Shri Kuldeep Sinha were present on the occasion.

At the Expo, on display are, cameras as old as those used in the 1920s like Mitchell, Arricord, Eymo to the latest ones. Arri 435, 16 SR3, DVC Pro, old and new recording and editing equipments, lights, lenses, rare photographs and other paraphernalia. All these are precious preserves of Films Division. The Exhibition is intended to take the cinema lovers to a journey down the memory lane from the magic world of film making of the yore to the digital age.

Apart from these, props and rare photographs collected from different sources are also exhibited. The rare equipments on display, it is believed, will give an insight into the technical nuances of film making, over the times. Films related to history of Indian cinema, film making and akin subjects will also be screened at the Exhibition venue. The Exhibition will remain open till December 02, 2007.

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