Dainik Bhaskar partners NDTV , Mathrubhumi , Eenadu and Prabhat Khabar

In a first of its kind initiative, the Indian media industry has teamed up to provide most authentic and extensive coverage of General Elections 2009. Leading media conglomerates across the country have joined hands and made an effort to break down boundary and language barriers between geographically distant states of India. Dainik Bhaskar, India’s leading Hindi daily has tied with NDTV , India’s leading news channel, Mathrubhumi – Kerala’s leading Malayalam daily, Eenadu, Andhra Pradesh’s Telugu daily, Prabhat Khabar ,Eastern region’s Hindi daily. Under this collaboration, they have agreed to share content for the elections.

The aim behind these publications coming together is to present authentic views, analysis and reports of the General Elections 2009 from across the country with local insights. With a strong presence and reach in their respective states, these media groups will act as pivots for getting the ground realities from these states which will be compiled and propagated through the their local as well as nationwide networks, thereby covering the entire India. With this association, the readers will get the most comprehensive and insightful coverage of the General Elections 2009 with unbiased view of electoral issues and outcomes. This would be different from Election coverage of English dailies which relies on instant spot coverage by parachuting cosmopolitan reporters into rural and unknown areas.

Says, K Yatish Rajawat, Editor-in-Chief, Business Bhaskar, ‘This is truly an unparalleled experiment in journalism as dissimilar media conglomerates are coming together and collaborating for the benefit of their readers. Objective is to present an unbiased report from the grass roots of these states of India, which could not have been possible otherwise. We hope that with Dainik Bhaskar’s philosophy and un-deviated political analysis, we will be able to provide reports and news which will not be available elsewhere and connect to our readers in a better way.

India’s media scenario has great opportunities for media tie-ups. According to industry experts with economic growth, regional print media will attract increasingly higher advertisement revenues. Such tie-ups help media groups to transcend lingual and geographic barriers and establish their presence in new territories with superior quality content. This shall lead to creation of a brand identity across the region. It would lead to a healthy competition. The reader will be the greatest beneficiary as he will get best mix of diverse content and in-depth analysis.

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