Dabangg Stars share Jiyo Dil Se moments at MY FM

New Delhi : Enthralled with the phenomenal response and feedback received by Dabangg, even before its release, the star cast paid a special visit to the 94.3 MY FM studios in Jaipur. The gang comprising of Salman Khan, Arbazz Khan and Sonakshi Sinha was welcomed by the MY FM RJ’s and in the midst of pulling each others legs and teasing each other approximately pretty much everything, they shared interesting anecdotes from the film and treated MY FM listeners to exclusive Jiyo Dil Se moments from the film.

When asked, what does Salman Khan like about Jaipur? The famous Robin Hood Pandey promptly replied, “I not only like Jaipur but am totally in love with the Rajasthan state. There is an attachment with this place, which compels me to come here time and again.”

When the topic of discussion, shifted to the promotion of the much awaited Dabangg, Salman said’ “The fans, listeners and viewers are promoting the movie more than us. The promos and songs are already a hit. We are delighted by the love and affection our fans are showing towards the movie, their mouth to mouth publicity is doing wonders for the movie”.

“Karan Johar opted to pre pone the release of his movie We Are Family, as the release date was clashing with that of Dabangg”, to this Arbazz replied, “I think Karan would be the correct person to answer this. Though I heard him saying in an interview that he saw some promos of Dabangg and relying on his feedback, he decided not to release his movie along with Dabangg. According to me, it was a very intelligent and calculated move, as we had decided that Dabangg will release on Id, and our decision would not have changed.”

Expressing her excitement of being associated with the film Sonakshi added by saying “I am just happy and feel very lucky to start my career with such great actors. I could have not asked for a better opportunity to come by.”

Commenting on this occasion, Mr. Harrish M. Bhatia, CEO, 94.3 MY FM said, “Inviting celebrities to our studios across all the stations is a conscious effort from our end to bring bollywood closer to our listeners. Sharing the Jiyo Dil Se moments of the celebrities with our listeners helps us in building a special connect with them. We wish Dabangg a successful journey ahead. “

When asked about the Jiyo Dil Se moments of the stars, Salman and Sonakshi replied that they truly feel a connection with Jiyo Dil Se as they live each moment of their lives to the fullest and think Dil se. To which Arbazz added that he will be honest enough and agree that his decisions are a combination of Dil Se and Dimagg Se moments.

The star cast ended by saying that unanimous people have quoted Dabangg a must watch. This belief of their fans ranging from senior citizens to kids has given them the confidence to keep delivering the very best. Through the platform of 94.3 MY FM we would like to thank all our viewers for their everlasting love and affection.

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