CVC Launches Online Radio Station in India

International broadcaster CVC is set to revolutionise the world of internet radio with the launch of its new online station on Monday.With state of the art studios in Karnataka and Australia and correspondents in 26 countries around the world, CVC brings a new standard of professionalism and resourcing to online radio.

“CVC’s unique, hybrid sound reflects the melting pot of urban India,” says CVC’s Director Mike Edmiston. “When I have coffee at a café in Mumbai, I can drink beans from Kenya, from a cup made in China, while listening to music from the US and reading the news from all over India. The world is a fusion of cultures now and CVC mirrors that reality.”

CVC has six years broadcast experience in the Asia Pacific region and Mr Edmiston believes the internet represents the future of radio.

“We’re living in a digital world. The next logical step for radio is to go beyond offering a one-way monologue and engage in an interactive conversation with listeners. The internet is the best medium to facilitate that.”

Far from killing the radio star, video could soon be the radio star. CVC is already looking at ways to integrate visual and other live components into the online service to maximise the interactive experience.

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