Custom Media Companies Saw Healthy Growth in 2008 Despite Grim Predictions

2008 may have been marked by dark stories about the demise of many media channels, but reports of the industry’s death have been greatly exaggerated. Yes, traditional publishers — with their advertiser-dependent business models, and over-marketed subscriber lists — may be in decline, but for those who have adapted traditional models to the changing marketplace, the future of media looks brighter than ever. Thanks to their embrace of media old and new — in the form of contract magazines, Web sites, live events, eNewsletters, Webinars and more — coupled with a strategic focus on targeted audiences and a client-friendly obsession with measurable ROI, custom media companies like King Fish Media are leading a flourishing media market.

In 2008, King Fish announced nearly 20 new long-term business relationships with some of the nation’s most successful companies, including several traditional media companies looking for new ways to do business. King Fish’s work for these clients includes work across all media platforms — print, online, video and events — with many businesses choosing to combine media strategies for the most effective audience reach.

“2008 was our strongest year ever for new accounts and we found that all of these organizations had a few things in common. At the heart of the challenge, they want to create their own content-rich private media channel to talk directly with their customers and prospects” says Cam Brown, CEO, King Fish Media. “And, they are all looking for accountability and measurable results from their marketing dollars. This is a trend we see continuing and growing in 2009.”

King Fish Media’s new business wins for 2008/09 comprise several leading organizations in B2B, B2C and educational markets. Some notable new account wins include the creation of a wellness magazine for Aramark, webcasts and live events for Bank of America’s CPA marketing efforts, a new web site for Michigan State’s business school, online video content for BTM Corporation and a series of security webcasts for Trend Micro. King Fish also completed custom media projects for media companies such as TechWeb, Source Media, WGBH, Ziff Davis Enterprise and The Economist.

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