Cricket websites attracted more than 4 Mn Indian fans :IMRB

India is the new champion of the Cricket World Cup. The road to this achievement has been far from easy. After making it to the stage of Final-8; India had to win three crucial matches before they could lift the coveted award. In all these matches, they had to win against the past champion teams that had won the cup in last few years. The most important of them being the finals, which was played against Sri Lanka. While the team was gutting it out in the middle; millions of fans were releasing anxieties and passion on various media avenues. A presupposition that Television ratings would have soared can hardly be argued; but how did the Internet perform amidst this chaotic excitement? Read On!

On 2nd April 2011, all the cricket websites attracted a little more than 4 Mn Indian fans. On an average, an Indian fan spent 38 Mins on these websites. The busiest timeslots during the day was between 12pm – 6pm, wherein 3.0 Mn visitors navigated through Internet for accessing cricket-related content. In the other half of the match in the evening (6pm – 12 am) there were a little more than 2 Mn fans that used Internet to get updates for the match.

The Indian fans on the day of the finals match, between India and Sri Lanka (i.e. on April 2nd, 2011), visited different websites. About 1.73 Mn of them visited; followed by 1.7 Mn visiting the attracted 1.6 Mn and nearly 0.3 Mn visited Overall, the time they spent on the above websites was quite varied. While an average Indian fan was glued to for 41 Mins, they were on for nearly half an hour. An average fan spent 25 mins on and 21 Mins on

Internet in India is gradually evolving to provide different types of content and assuming an important media option. As indicated by Tarun Abhichandani, Group Business Director, eTech Group, IMRB International, “Almost 30% of the 14 million internet users accessed cricketing websites during the World Cup finals. With the next season of IPL scheduled to start in the next few days, it will be interesting to see how the numbers stack up”.

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