CreativeFeed Bags Sonim Technologies Account

Sonim Technologies has announced that it has tapped CreativeFeed (CF) to serve as its global agency of record. In this role, CreativeFeed will develop and manage all strategic digital marketing and creative initiatives for Sonim’s growing mobile business, including advertising, on-site promotions, and branding programs.

“Sonim has set the bar for engineering best-in-class rugged mobile phones for people who work and play in extreme environments,” said Bob Plaschke, Sonim’s Chief Executive Officer. “CreativeFeed has the right mix of vision and integrated capabilities to make sure that Sonim’s distinctive voice and value proposition break through the cluttered mobile technology space,” continued Plaschke. “Furthermore, their risk/reward compensation plan is a perfect fit for us as we navigate today’s sensitive economic environment.”

“Sonim and CreativeFeed are ideal partners as both companies thrive on innovation, client commitment and measurable and meaningful results,” added Arthur Ceria, President and Founder of CreativeFeed.

CreativeFeed has already delivered an early win for Sonim with its launch of the company’s Xtreme Performance 1 (XP1) earlier this year. Realizing that the blogosphere was a critical influencer for Sonim’s target audience, CreativeFeed devised a multifaceted viral campaign that drove sales from $2 to $14 million within six months. On the heels of XP1’s success, CreativeFeed and Sonim are now gearing up to continue the mobile market evolution with the introduction of the XP3, the world’s first waterproof GSM phone, in Europe in November 2008.

To further deliver against Sonim’s distinctive marketplace proposition, CreativeFeed has also engaged iconic designer Scott Wilson, known for breakthrough work for Motorola and Nike, among others, to develop future lines of rugged phones.In addition, CreativeFeed has tasked Porter Novelli to build Sonim’s corporate profile in the global marketplace.

“Sonim’s market is global, hungry and underserved. This provides an exciting opportunity for CreativeFeed to leverage its best thinking to differentiate and propel the Sonim brand,” said Michael Quinn, partner at CreativeFeed.

CreativeFeed bridges Silicon Valley and Madison Avenue, specializing in strategies that introduce technology and lifestyle brands to a worldwide audience and potential business partners. CreativeFeed dedicates itself to its clients’ business through a unique risk/reward compensation plan, in which CF bills on a combination of a reduced monthly retainer and quarterly success fee.

CreativeFeed is a full service creative agency with a focus on the digital space. The company is built on a foundation of 35+ years of experience on brands including Yahoo!, Cisco, Volvo, Akamai, Reuters, AFP, The Museum of Modern Art, and Calvin Klein. CreativeFeed specializes in designing and implementing digital campaigns that capture attention and deliver real results — brand building, consumer awareness, online and retail traffic, and customer retention- both immediately and over the long term.

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