Cordlife appoints Hanmer MSL as PR partners

Kolkata: CordLife, Asia Pacific’s largest network of stem cell banks, today appointed Hanmer MS&L as their PR partners in India. With an objective to extend awareness and educate would be mothers on the benefits of Stem Cell therapy Cordlife plans to expand its presence across the country.

Simon Hoo, General Manager-CordLife India says, “We are happy to announce the appointment of Hanmer MS&L as our PR Agency. With its expertise in the field, I am confident, the same will greatly help project and strengthen CordLife in the bio-healthcare industry of stem cell banking. I am positive that the two companies have embarked on a long term relationship that will prove to be mutually beneficial.”

Mr. Jaideep Shergill, CEO, Hanmer MS&L said, “We are happy to be working with a prestigious & international company like CordLife which is globally renowned for its award winning stem cell related technology. It is surely an added value to our portfolio, a crown jewel to say. The partnership widens our accounts in the field of healthcare further strengthening our expert services in the healthcare industry.

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