Contests2Win launches a Crossword Engine has launched a new engine Crossword. So what’s so unique and new about crosswords? Well keeping users and user generated content in mind – this engine has been made especially for them.

You can now create your own crosswords without any serious alphabetical or mathematical calculations. Fill in your words along with relevant clues and the engine will automatically generate a crossword for you which you can share with all your friends.

If we at C2w like your particular crossword we’ll even add a prize to it.Test out your Indian Web 2.0 knowledge by taking this India 2.0 Crossword.

The Crossword engine is the 7th contesting engine rolled out by C2w. The earlier ones include Quiz, Polls, Faceoffs, Rate Me, Twister and an immensely popular Hangman engine. Users can use these various engines and create their own contests – share it with friends, embed it on their blogs or facebook profiles etc.Prizes of course continue to remain a key element at C2w.

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