comScore Launches Mobile Measurement in Japan

Tokyo: comScore, Inc. has announced the introduction of its syndicated mobile measurement service, comScore MobiLens, in Japan. MobiLens offers insights into consumers’ mobile behaviors, user demographics and device capabilities, to provide a comprehensive picture of the mobile market. As the first country in Asia where comScore has introduced mobile measurement, Japan joins the U.S, U.K., France, Germany, Italy and Spain as the seventh individual market reported in MobiLens.

“Japan is home to one of the most advanced mobile markets in the world, with sophisticated consumers who use their mobile devices for a wide array of activities,” said Daizo Nishitani, comScore vice president for Japan. “comScore MobiLens provides publishers, advertisers and device manufacturers with actionable insights into consumers’ mobile device attributes and consumer behaviors. comScore is pleased to add mobile measurement to its growing suite of digital measurement capabilities in Japan.”

Mobile users in Japan displayed substantial usage of mobile media on their devices. In June 2010, nearly 60 million mobile users in Japan accessed the browser on their mobile device, equating to 59.3 percent of the entire mobile audience, while more than 42.6 million users accessed a mobile application (42.3 percent).

More than half of mobile users in Japan (54 percent) accessed email on their mobile device, with more than one-third accessing weather information (34.1 percent) and search (33 percent). News (20.9 percent) and sports information (20.8 percent) were also among the more popular activities, while 17 percent of the mobile population visited social networking sites or blogs.

Other popular mobile behaviors include taking photos (63.0 percent), sending text messages (40.1 percent), watching TV and/or video (22.0 percent), playing games (16.3 percent) and listening to music (12.5 percent).

“We welcome comScore MobiLens in Japan,” said Mr. Hidenori Miyatani, of the Planning and Research Office at Rakuten, Inc. “The dynamic nature of mobile in Japan requires a complete mobile measurement service which MobiLens offers.”

“In this dynamic and fast-growing market, understanding what content users are consuming on their mobile device and how they are consuming this content is critical information for mobile brands,” said Will Hodgman, comScore executive vice president for the Asia Pacific region. “The ability to understand mobile users from several dimensions including user behaviors, demographic characteristics and device specifications is a welcome innovation for Japan’s mobile industry.”

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