comScore Announces Media Metrix 360 in Asia-Pacific Region

Singapore: comScore , a leader in measuring the digital world, today announced the introduction of the Media Metrix 360 unified digital audience measurement solution in the Asia-Pacific region. The new service combines comScore’s proprietary Internet user panel, which measures people’s online behavior from home and work computers, with Web analytics data obtained from site server data to provide a harmonized approach to audience measurement and a uniquely comprehensive measure of Internet usage, including traffic from Internet cafes and mobile devices, which are both significant drivers of Web usage in this region.

“In the rapidly-evolving digital world, accurate and accountable metrics are increasingly important for growth, profitability and transparency across the Web,” said Oliver Tan, Vice President Interactive Media at MediaCorp, the first organization in Asia to adopt the Media Metrix 360 measurement. “Media Metrix 360 provides a comprehensive audience measurement solution that we at MediaCorp are looking forward to as the future standard for digital audience measurement in the Asia-Pacific region.”

Media Metrix 360 Reconciles Panel Data with Web Analytics Metrics

Media Metrix 360 eliminates the long-standing confusion about the differences between publishers’ Web analytics metrics and the people-based estimates reported by third-party panel databases. comScore has developed a proprietary methodology to combine data from its stand-alone panel of Internet users with Web analytics metrics in a manner that eliminates the overstatements of unique visitors in Web analytics data caused by factors such as cookie deletion, cookie rejection and non-user requested traffic so as to provide the accurate people-based audience reach data that are needed by advertisers and their ad agencies.

In order to speed the implementation of the unified measurement approach, comScore has partnered with Omniture, an Adobe company and a leading provider of online business optimization software. This relationship between Omniture and comScore enables organizations to unify their Web analytics and panel-based audience measurement information, providing more comprehensive and consistent reporting. With the combined offering, publishers and advertisers will also be able to automate data integration and reconciliation, eliminating the need for publishers to implement multiple time-consuming data collection methods on their Web sites and thereby reducing the labor-intensive steps needed to deliver unified audience measurement.

“The partnership between Omniture and comScore provides publishers with a deeper understanding of audience reach and advertisers with the intelligence needed for more effective media planning,” said Marc Gagne, Senior Director, Omniture Business Unit, Asia-Pacific. “Having a unified platform for digital audience measurement will lead to better media planning and more personalized experiences for consumers both in Asia and across the globe.”

A newly developed comScore “universe report” will provide unique visibility into Internet usage across key platforms, encompassing access to Web sites from mobile devices and computers outside of home and work locations, including Internet cafes. This new service combines person-level measurement with Web site server metrics to account for 100 percent of a Web site’s total audience, and Media Metrix 360’s tracking of mobile devices will include WiFi browsing, a segment of traffic not currently captured in mobile operator log data. The “universe report” is of particular importance in Asia where there is not only a high level of public computer usage, but where mobile Web usage is also significantly higher than in other parts of the world. Publishers will now have the ability to obtain third-party accounting from comScore of these critical segments of their audiences.

“comScore Media Metrix 360 is a significant innovation in audience measurement and we are confident this service will revolutionize the digital measurement landscape in the Asia-Pacific region,” said Will Hodgman, comScore executive vice president for the Asia-Pacific region. “Through this unified approach, comScore and Omniture are bringing the industry a more comprehensive accounting of the digital media universe and providing the Web with a global measurement currency for online advertising. The results will be improved digital transparency and accountability and greater facility in transacting in this new media environment.”

comScore’s Media Metrix 360 reporting will be rolled out into all Asia-Pacific country reports in the first quarter of 2010. Media Metrix 360 reporting is currently available in the United States, Canada and select markets in Europe and Latin America.

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