Communications Research Firm to Evaluate American Idol Judges

HCD Research announced today that it will conduct a study among a nationally representative sample of Americans to evaluate the performances of the American Idol judges on a weekly basis beginning February 17.

The communications research study will be conducted by HCD Research, using its web site to obtain Americans’ perceptions of the American Idol judges’ performances throughout the contest.

Participants will be provided with an identification number and directed to a password-protected web site, where they can participate in the study one time during each show.

While viewing the judges’ critiques of the contestants, study participants will evaluate the judges based on a scale for each of the parameters i.e.
Likeability , Believability , Sincerity and Fairness.

In addition, participants will indicate their levels of agreement with the judges by moving their mouse from left to right on a continuum. The responses will be recorded in quarter-second intervals and reported in the form of curves. Participants will also be asked to rate the contestants performances.

The agreement curves and results of each study will be posted on the morning after each show. The Media Curves web site provides the media and general public with a venue to view Americans’ perceptions of popular and controversial media events and advertisements.

HCD Research specializes in conducting communications research for the pharmaceutical, food and beverage, financial and entertainment industries, among others. Headquartered in Flemington, NJ, the company’s services include traditional and web-based communications research.

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