Coir Board empanels six advertising agencies

The Coir Board of India has appointed six agencies to handle its creative duties. Stark Communications, Jellita Publicity, Magnum Intergrafiks and Reflections Advertising are the agencies selected from Kochi, while Combine Advertising and Degree 360 Solutions are the Delhi based agencies selected to handle the account.

The empanelment is for a three year period. MAA Bozell is the incumbent agency.

The Coir Board of India had called for a pitch and 20 agencies had pitched for the account. The size of the business is estimated to be Rs 7.5 crore. The media duties will be handled by an in house team.

The Choir Board of India aims to promote coir products within the domestic and international markets. Coir products such as coir mats, creel mats, rod mats, corridor mats and coir fibre are retailed in exclusive coir stores set up by the Coir Board of India. As of now, there are 36 such showrooms spread out across India.

Nandagopal Nair, branch manager, Stark Communications, says, “People are receptive and understand that eco-friendly products are good but they don’t go out and purchase them. Our task is to inform consumers that eco-friendly products can be decorative as well.”

Television and print ads will be released to promote the products. The Coir Board of India will also participate in various exhibitions in the international markets to promote its products.

Source: Bombay Adclub

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