Cogfree launches print campaign for Factory One

This year Holi celebrations saw an innovative advertising and marketing campaign being carried out by a Kolkata based discount retail chain Factory One.

“We wanted to break out of the mould of the usual discount structures and create a unique and interesting campaign that would capture the essence of one of the most important festivals of our country” says Sudhyasheel Sen, the Creative Director of Cogfree, the advertising agency behind this one of a kind campaign.

The print campaign was launched in a leading daily of Kolkata, a couple of days before Holi. The press advertisement was complimented by a robust Below the Line (BTL) promotional campaign as well. This included Leaflets being distributed at key areas near the store, Shelf Talkers that clearly mentioned the colour palette and their corresponding discounts along with in- store Banners, Posters, Danglers and Standees.

Sharing his thoughts on the innovative campaign, Prashant Bubna (Director, FACTORY ONE) said, “The Colour coded discount campaign was an ingeniously conceptualized idea which hit off very well with our target group due to the perfect timing of the campaign and the close association with Holi. We got a lot of curious customers who visited the store purely to check out the novelty of the offer and it helped us to sell a lot of our slow moving colours on certain merchandise. ”

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