Code of conduct for media on cards in Pakistan

Islamabad: Pakistan is preparing a code of conduct for the media, says Information and Broadcasting Minister Firdous Ashiq Awan, but journalists view the move with alarm.

Awan said Wednesday that the final draft of code of conduct would be formulated for better working of media, reported Associated Press of Pakistan.

She said that reviving or amending the code of conduct for media was the need of hour and it would be made in consultation with all the stakeholders.

Her statement comes barely two days after she assured that the Pakistani government does not intend to impose curbs on the media.

Awan Monday said the government believed in freedom of expression and did not intend to impose curbs on media.

Speaking at Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) headquarters here, she said: “The PPP (Pakistan Peoples Party) led-government believes in the freedom of expression and media and wants to strengthen and empower it. It has no intention to curb media freedom.”

Pakistani media was up in arms over the proposed move, with a Pakistani daily describing it as “alarming news”.

An editorial in the News International Sunday cited reports as saying that the government has plans to impose tough curbs on the media ahead of general elections.

“This of course would be a replication of the measures taken by General Pervez Musharraf in his final days – in blatant violation of the constitution. The purpose obviously is to prevent material which can discredit the government from making it to the people,” it had said.

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