'Coca Cola Radio One College Champions’ On Radio One FM 94.3

The events held in college auditoriums have created a lot of frenzy in campuses across the city of Bangalore. Students were buzzing around in anticipation to participate and give their best to get selected and catch a glimpse of their favorite star. The campuses bore a festive and electrifying atmosphere with ‘Coca Cola Radio One College Champions’ banners and backdrops along with Judges doing the rounds.

Auditions for the ‘Coca Cola Radio One College Champions’ participants kicked off from Mount Caramel College in Bangalore then going across various colleges. The excitement and flurry of activities in the city was all thanks to the enthusiastic & talented participants and celebrities present at the auditions. Celebrities like Ramya, Sanjana, Netra, Charu Sharma, Prasad Bidapa and an array of known personalities along with RJs from Radio One were witness to the RJ talent hunt in the city.

Sanjana, the ‘Ganda-Hendathi and a Boyfriend’, fame attracted more than 1200 students in Sheshadripuram college last week, followed by Veena Bhat, a known actress on the Page 3 circuits in “namma Bengaluru” who now has moved a step forward and has had a stint with Bollywood as well with movies like Bhool Bhulaiya (due for release). Her presence pulled an astonishing crowd at the Sindhi College (close to 1000 students). The most potential and competitive participants were encountered at CMS College where RJ Anjan, Shyju Varkey (Station head Bangalore, Radio One FM 94.3) and programming director of Radio One, Anil Machado had a tough time crowning winners here.

For the first time in India, college kids will be given the opportunity to be a part of a radio show as well as a TV show. ‘Coca Cola Radio One College Champions’ will give promising college kids a chance at hosting their own radio show for a whole week on Radio One FM 94.3.

Coca Cola Radio One College Champions, being conducted across colleges in Bangalore Chennai, Mumbai and Delhi is unique talent hunt for the ‘Best College Presenters On Radio’. The annual Challenge is an interactive event that brings out the best amongst the participants and aims to select the best College presenters (a team of two) on radio through an Inter-College competition in a highly competitive and exciting atmosphere, live On-Air.

Select colleges across India in each city were identified as centers for the auditions to take place. A large number of registered students across various colleges were then auditioned at the venue. A panel of celebrity judges after touring these colleges for auditions and finally select ten colleges comprising of a two-member team each across each city. The selected ten teams will then proceed to the next level of the competition, which would be conducted On-Air from the studios of Radio One FM 94.3 in each city.

RJ Pavitra in Bangalore is hosting the ‘Coca Cola Radio One College Champion’ On-Air.

The celebrity judges will listen in on the shows and rank the participants on the basis of certain parameters like knowledge of city, music, humor and mostly on oratory skills and spontaneity to attract and entertain the audiences.

At the end of 13 weeks of combat, battle, fireworks and entertainment, Radio One would announce the winning team On-Air followed by a grand celebration and party. The new ‘Coca Cola Radio One College Champions’ will win exciting prizes both in cash and kind, from Laptops to I-pods to two-wheelers. The winners get an exclusive week on-air with Radio One FM 94.3, to host their own show.

Radio One FM 94.3, launched in July 2006, is targeted at the urban youth currently has its stations in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and Chennai. Radio One is known for innovative and fun-filled programming providing not just entertainment but infotainment.

Radio One has a strategic alliance with BBC for content. The tie-up gives them the advantage of getting the latest news updates before it reaches any other media in India. These news bits are aired in the BBC – Ek Minute segments. Radio One has also won the IRA Promax Best Innovative Talk Show on air from for their show “BBC – Ek Mulakat”.

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