Coca Cola launches new Thums Up Campaign

Unleashing an action packed look this summer season, Thums Up, India’s largest soft drink brand is all set to storm its fans with its latest communication initiative for 2009.The launch of the new integrated marketing communication campaign to feature “Akshay Kumar” in twin Avatars- the first one being a very slick intense character while the second being a fun loving person. The two Avatars of Akshay will be seen in an adrenalin pumping action on the streets of Sydney, Australia – both competing against each other to get to the bottle of their favorite soft drink – Thums Up.

According to Super Star and Thums Up Brand Ambassador, Akshay Kumar, “My association with Thums Up over the years has made me do some real exciting action. Thums Up is actually the coolest drink out there. The new campaign comes with loads of action, adventure, drama and humor. This time, my fans are sure to have double the fun.”

Conceptualized by Leo Burnett’s Executive Creative Director Sainath Saraban and directed by Australian Director, Jon Gwyther, the campaign has been brought to life after nearly a week’s grueling film shooting schedule in Sydney. In-addition to leveraging mass media, integrated communication plan will be complimented by a range of on the ground initiatives – road shows & contests across all key markets.

According to Kashmira Chadha, Director Marketing, Coca-Cola India, “The latest ‘Thums Up communication for 2009 takes the whole idea of “I Will Do Anything For My Thunder” attitude of the Indian male to the next level by adding a layer of fun and playfulness to it. The Thums Up drinker indulges in adrenalin pumping action to get a bottle of his favorite soft drink Thums Up because he loves to do it and not because he has to. To bring out this thought to life, Akshay Kumar will be seen in a twin avatar, playing a game to get a bottle of his favorite Soft Drink – Thums Up. To further enhance the appeal and connect with consumers, the Thums Up logo too has been contemporized. The sharper edges are added to the ‘Thumb’ in the Thums Up sign to bring out the core masculine values of brand Thums Up more prominently.”

About The New Thums Up Logo

The new Thums Up logo unit has been contemporized in line with the latest global design trend of simplicity & clean look. The sharper edges are added to the ‘Thumb’ in the Thums Up sign to bring out the core masculine values of brand Thums Up more prominently. The new Logo has been designed by DMA Brand Consultants Pvt Ltd and takes its inspiration from the “Eagle’s Wings” to enhance the visibility and dynamism of the brand Thums Up.

Story Board of the Ad

The latest communication features the two very well defined avatars of Akshay playing a game of getting their favorite bottle of Thums Up without their feet touching the ground. The first avatar, a very slick, intense character, while the second one being a more fun loving person, interact both with each other and also with people they meet on the way. This interaction is filled with a lot of exciting and engaging moments. The communication ends with the fun loving Akshay finishing the game and saying to the other that “Mazaa aa gaya” while the more intense Akshay points to his Thums Up and says, “Mazaa to ab ayega” and then drinks his Thums Up. The idea behind this whole approach is to convey that real fun is experienced only while drinking a bottle of Thums Up.

Commenting on the film, Sainath Saraban, Executive Creative Director, Leo Burnett, said, “A Thums Up drinker’s thirst for his Thums Up is very different from any other thirst, which is why the challenge this time was to do something bigger and better than last year. The idea struck us as being a departure from the regular chasing the bottle of Thums Up, but without having to compromise on the core attitude of the brand ‘I will do anything for my Thunder'”. And in this film we feel we have something that truly lives up to the stature of Thums Up. The latest communication shows Akshay in his two avatars, engaging in a dare devil, adrenalin pumping action to get a bottle of his favorite soft drink – Thums Up.”


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